Here’s the thing, when you start to get nervous it really impacts you in a negative way especially if you have to deliver a speech or perhaps you have to perform on stage. Different people may react differently than others when they become nervous. For instance, one person may start to perspire uncontrollably or another person will forget their part. Many people really want to know how not to be nervous when speaking in public.

Becoming nervous is very common but the good news is that you can overcome being nervous and YES, the simple answer is Relaxation. According to some doctors, when you get nervous, it not only affects your mental state but it plays a big role with your heart rate as well as an increase of your blood pressure. Another thing is that when we get nervous, it can affect us during the exam period. It is important for us to know how not to be nervous when speaking in public because it can seriously help us more than we can imagine.

By Now I’m Sure You Are Wondering, What Causes Nervousness?

• Insecurity
• Medical conditions
• Hormonal disorders
• Excessive use of stimulants eg. Caffeine
• Relationship Concerns
• Withdrawal from drugs
• Pressure from work

What Are The Symptoms of Nervousness?

• Palpitations
• Pounding heart Chest pain
• Sensation of choking
• Shortness of breath
• Stress/ tension
• Sweaty hands
• Trembling Upset stomach
• Insecurity and Inability to perform daily tasks
• Lack of concentration

If you find that you have ticked off most of these symptoms, it’s okay because there are ways to help you overcome this.

The following are Ways To Help You Calm Your Nerves:


This is the best method/way on how not to be nervous when speaking in public. The more you prepare, you become familiar which your topic, it gives you a well needed boost. It does not only help you become familiar with you topic but it helps you gain more knowledge of the subject.

Perhaps you are giving a speech and you may have forgotten a line or two, you now have the advantage of improvising from what you’ve read about the topic from other books that you searched up from.


Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. and REPEAT. When you repeat this action, you tend to become more relaxed however do remember to just stop, think of a happy place or a happy time and just breathe.Many people are told about this way from many others but their downfall is that they choose not to listen to the best way to calm their nerves. Breathing helps in so many ways, its as if you are letting go off all the stress that had compiled in you body when you exhale. Remember: Deep Breaths = More Relaxed.


Try to think of how you are going to go about things when you deliver your speech.The best way is to picture a perfect outcome. Try to visualize yourself saying the speech in front of others and while doing so, don’t forget to breathe. Make a goal or something that will help motivate you throughout the process of the speech, like something you are looking forward to having or doing.

Listening To Music

For some, listening to music can relieve so much of stress. It helps put you back into your ‘happy place’ and even get you pumped up to get out there and do your thing! Most of the times music blocks out the world, a particular song can definitely help you as it may remind you of a special moment in life that you experienced.
Music = Great Stress Reliever.

The Racing Heart

Boom, Boom, Boom. You’re about to go on stage and you feel like your heart is going to pop out of your chest right? Well my friend, welcome it. Use that as a way of reminding yourself that you are alive. That you are human and if you do make a mistake on stage, its okay because it makes you even more real. No one is perfect. When you feel like your heart is running its own marathon all you have to do is stop, breathe and tell yourself that you’ve got this